Fates Entwined

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After centuries of searching, Lawrence has found the perfect person to help him birth a new race of vampires: Jocelyn, the girl he’s groomed to be the most powerful courtesan at the court of King James. All goes according to plan until Michael Barwick arrives at court and threatens everything.

Michael abandoned his life at sea in order to take his place as Baron Barwick after his brother’s death. Overwhelmed by his duties, he’s eager to leave court until Jocelyn sits across from him in a tavern. The intriguing woman soon has him opening his heart to her, and he’s prepared to fight for a place in her life.

Jocelyn’s desire for Michael, the one man who has ever fought past her professional façade to truly love her, threatens her independence. When Lawrence offers her the gift of eternal life, she must choose between the man she loves and the freedom she’s struggled for.

Fates Entwined is a prequel and is intended to be read after Haunting Echoes.

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