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Magic Born

A magical necklace.
A new identity.
A fight to stay alive.

Reeling from the death of her adoptive parents, college student Kat Thomas seeks solace in the action and mystique of Wizards and Fae, an online fantasy game. But when a stranger named Alex delivers a mysterious amber necklace, reality begins to resemble the game–down to the ice her hands form when her character casts a spell.

Seeking answers, Kat turns to Alex. He’s a panther shifter and claims that Kat’s mother was a powerful mage from Elustria, an alternate world. She was murdered for the necklace Kat wears…and now the killer is after Kat. After narrowly escaping her mother’s assassin, Kat and Alex are on the run. He insists on taking her to Elustria for her protection, but he’s not the only person offering answers.

Casper, the creator of Wizards and Fae, reaches out to Kat. He knew her mother and created the game with her to find lost mages on Earth. With him, Kat can learn to master her power and continue her mother’s work, but as long as she has the amber talisman, the assassin will never stop hunting her.

Forced to navigate her new existence in a world of magic and intrigue, Kat struggles with who to trust while fighting to protect herself and her friends from her mother’s killer. This is one game she can’t afford to lose.