Measure of Strength

Measure of Strength cover

Publicly, Jason Wadsworth is a young steel magnate. Privately, he is slowly unraveling. Gripped by depression, he is haunted by the memory of Kale, the slave he sold and the man who still holds his heart. Jason clings to his only source of comfort: the belief that he sent Kale away to a better life.

As grim as Jason’s life is, Kale has fared worse. Each day is a brutal struggle. All that keeps him going are memories of a happier time.

When a chance meeting thrusts the two back together, they must try to find the strength to forgive, not only each other, but themselves. They have one chance to right the wrongs of the past, but it requires the strength to seek redemption in each other’s arms. A strength both men may be too spent to summon.

Measure of Strength is the sequel to Measure of Devotion and contains adult language and sexual content.

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