Dragon Fae Prophecy

Book One in the Dragon Fae Series
He believes I’m his fated mate. He insists I’m a prophesied hero. My life depends on proving him wrong.

I’m an assassin, forced into hiding after a job went sideways. Now I live among humans, trying desperately to hold to my identity as a sorceress even if I can’t use my magic.

During a mission, a powerful dragon shifter strides into my life like he belongs whether I want him or not. Despite my efforts to get rid of him, my employers force me to take him as my partner. They claim I’m the Dragon Fae. My new partner knows because he’s the Dragon Fae’s fated mate…my mate.

The Dragon Fae is a prophesied hero of myth and legend, and myths and legends always end badly. Everyone knows the Dragon Fae dies young and alone at the end of that story.

I won’t lie and claim to be this hero. I’ll complete the mission we’re sent on without the Dragon Fae’s power and put this business to rest. The only thing standing in my way is my new parter. He’s convinced we can be together and cheat fate. I admit, his faith in me makes it difficult to resist him, but my life depends on proving him wrong.

To escape this deadly prophecy I have to keep my heart locked away from this mysterious dragon shifter, but he knows too many of my secrets already, and I know none of his...including who he really is.

The Dragon Fae series features a slow-burn fated mates romance, forced proximity with a dragon shifter who falls first, a kickass assassin for a heroine, a snarky cursed miniature dragon as a sidekick, and enough secrets to keep everyone guessing.