Immortal Echoes

Sequel to Haunting Echoes
After reincarnating yet again, Michael is finally with Amaia in nineteenth-century Paris. It’s the life they dreamed of two centuries ago, before she became a vampire. His love for her overshadows his distaste for her kind, but when a vampire clan threatens him and Amaia, the only path to survival is for Michael to turn into one of the creatures he hates.

Amaia harbors a special power: the ability to feed off of and control human emotions. Her sire won’t be happy until she’s part of his clan or dead. She despises the power-hungry clan, but the only way to fight it is to form one of her own. With only two friends to her name, it’s an impossible task.

In order to reconcile his new existence with God and his conscience, Michael must face the evils of his bloodlust instead of running from them. Only then can he fight for Amaia. Outnumbered, Amaia knows that only their wits can save them. All they have is a plan and a dream. As mates, if one of them dies, the other will follow, and a battlefield of vampires awaits them.

Immortal Echoes contains adult language and situations.