Magic Betrayed

Book Three in the Magic Born Series
There's a traitor on the loose, and Kat's harboring deadly secrets...

Kat has trained for the last six months to join the Covert Council Service. All that stands in her way are her trials, the final test of her training. If she survives, she'll be a full-fledged agent, able to search for Meglana's hidden talismans and right the wrongs of her mother's past.

Keeping secrets has become a way of life. Kat's the only person who knows a Directorate mole lurks in the Council's midst. With the traitor's identity a mystery, she can't afford to trust anyone, even if it means lying to the people she's vowed to protect.

When the mole almost kills Kat during her trials, she must uncover his identity before he has a chance to finish the job. Her search for the traitor will bring the CCS to its knees, but if she fails, her life and the lives of every CCS agent will be forfeit.

Magic Betrayed is the third book in the Magic Born series and is intended to be read after Magic Born and Magic Unknown.