Magic Born

Book One in the Magic Born Series
I had my life together: great parents, great friends, and a scholarship to my dream school. But when my parents’ plane crashed on their way to see me, my life crashed with it. Now I escape reality in the online game Wizards and Fae.

When an actual panther shifter shows up at my door, I learn fantasy is all too real. Alex reveals my birth mother was a mage who’s been murdered, and now her killer is after me.

There’s a supernatural attraction between us that Alex hates. Yet he’s determined to see me safely to mages who can help me. It turns out that one of those mages is Casper, the creator of Wizards and Fae. But even the wealthy Casper can’t distract me from the attraction I feel for Alex, who’s made it clear he’s gone as soon as I’m safe.

If I want to stay alive, I’ll have to learn to control the powerful magic my birth mother left me while resisting the supernatural attraction between myself and Alex. With the assassin closing in and a magical conspiracy unraveling, this is one game I can't afford to lose.